A Text From The Dude

From Axel's Log

It was early for The Dude, before noon early. But we all got the text, well except theWarden of course but he was there anyways. We all arrived and The Dude laid it out for us. Something was wrong with “the waves.” Thankfully we had a translator. Justin was able to get a better understanding of what was going on, but I’m still not clear on it. What it comes down to is that the somethings wrong in the water and Ashlan is missing.

We head over to her place to take a look and it’s not good. After Mugen picks her lock we find the deadbolt not set and the burglar chain is snapped. All personal effects have been removed and the place is spotless. Even the carpet was vacuumed in a way to remove foot prints.

Warden Carter took a look at the place with his Sight and found the same. The whole place was tainted with a life of drugs and casual sex, except for one spot. The balcony was supernaturally scoured clean. Before we left we made sure to remove any prints we left and I erased our foot prints on the carpet with a spell tile.

We next visited A.L. She was motherly as usual, and was shocked to find out that Ashlan was missing. She pointed us to her current boy toy Bobby, otherwise known as George Rathburn. George is the CFO of Honolulu National Bank, the bank that Mugen’s father owns in all the ways that really matter. It’s decided that we’ll pay him a visit.

Justin and I rode in with Colm, as he was the only one with a car that could actually get into the gated community, while Mugen rode out with Warden Carter. Those of us in Colm’s town car waited outside George’s house while Carter and Mugen found a way in. After George pulled into the garage his opener threw sparks letting us know that the Warden and the Knight were there.

Colm made his way to the house and knocked at the door, getting a Mrs. Rathburn. After a short discussion she went back inside and George came out. Colm got no where fast with George so he decided to let Mugen give it a shot. In the end we got little more than “The bitch took my money then disappeared.” The little more being a first name, Johny.

Time to go see Ranger Gord, sorry I can’t say that with a straight face and these people don’t even have a clue why. The visit wasn’t anywhere close to being funny though. Justin had taken on his wolf from and ran ahead. The chemical smell of clean mixed with shit is what welcomed him at the powerless ranger station. When the rest of us arrived we found the door locked, I kicked it in and we proceeded. The ranger station had received the same treatment as Ashlan’s place, spotless and all personal effects were removed. While most of us were making a quick search for the Tiki Net contact list that Gord kept Justin was relentlessly pawing at the bathroom door. After the obvious Lassie joke went in and found Gord in his bathtub. His wrists and ankles were bound together and he was severally dehydrated. It was at this point that a THUD came from the vehicles outside.

While others rushed out to see what was happening outside I stayed with Gord to remove his binding and stand guard. From the little bit of the battle that I saw they were battling some kind of demon. After it was dealt with an attempt was made to contact emergency services for Gord. Justin had to head 6 miles down the mountain before he could get a cell signal, and even then all they would sent was a patrol car.

We met them half way. The patrolmen called in life flight and we met the helicopter down the road at a clearing, Mugen did a quick trick with some water and managed to stabilize Gord before the helicopter got there. After Gord was off it was a race to contact the members of the Tiki Net, something was after them…



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