From the Journal of Colm Harper

1st Entry

The Dude sent us a text to visit him at his shop; it happened before one o’clock, so we assumed it would be important. The Dude wanted us to look into the disappearance of Ashlynn, a minor talent that enjoys surfing and can “read the waves”; an em-path by any other name. She usually would stop by The Dude’s Surf Shop daily, and he hadn’t seen her for a number of days (The Dude was… hazy on the amount of time that had passed since he had seen her.)

We stopped by her apartment (423) to start our search, and found the place spotless. I’ve heard of houses cleaned by faeries, but this went beyond that. Matt opened his Sight and took a closer look around. The apartment was made filthy by he use of drugs and whoring herself out for material gain. In the physical world it appeared that someone had vacuumed from the door out through the main room in an attempt to remove evidence, and had scarpered with everything that was potentially pocket-able. Matt, through his sight, noticed that there was a supernaturally clean spot on the balcony. Possibly where the kidnapper (we had by this point pretty much ruled out all other possibilities) had entered the premises. Axel cleaned up after us as we left; rune magic is powerful, but not quite my cuppa.

From the apartment we decided to try to find Ashlynn’s latest beau, Bobby. Through A.L.‘s auspices, we discovered that Bobby’s real name was George Wrathburn; CFO of the Bank of Honolulu, Mugen’s dad’s bank. We decided that, rather than try to get into his office at the bank, that we’d bay Georgie Boy a visit at home. I’d like to say that it was an easy social call, but George’s wife was unwilling to let me speak with him. I leaned on her, only a little, to get her to send him out. He was less than forthcoming with information, so I asked Mugen to speak with him. Perhaps an old, DEAD friend would loosen his lips. Mugen got some information from him, apparently she was going to go up the volcano with a Johnny (Raith?).

It was time to pay a visit to Rick. When we got to the ranger station there was no power anywhere on the plateau. We easily busted into Rick’s cabin and found another location made clean by means outside the norm, and again there was nothing left on the shelves. We sent Justin ahead to scout the dark for us; there were no threats in the vicinity, but there was another supernaturally clean path leading away from the ranger station. It looked as though any supernatural talent, major or otherwise, was being targeted. My suspicions still lie in the Raith camp, but I haven’t said anything of it to my comrades yet. We continued to search Rick’s cabin, hoping to find information when Justin(playing the good pup again) directed us to the bathroom. There we found Rick, bound hand and foot, sitting in his bathtub covered in his own filth. He had been there long enough to dehydrate and to cause physical damage to himself trying to escape his bonds.

Mugen had just begun severing Rick’s bonds when we hear a thud of something hitting metal from outside. Axel stayed with Rick as the rest of us moved outdoors to try to deal with anything that might be amiss. We were just in time to glimpse a black demon crawl through the driver side window of Mugen’s truck and pop the hood. The demon crawled under the hood, and Mugen impaled his radiator with the Sword of Faith to possibly stop the demon from possessing the truck. It worked, and between Justin and Matt the demon was easily destroyed. We contacted help for Rick, and got him transported to a hospital. From there Mugen and I stopped by my office and contacted the members of the Tiki-Net. We gave them a very simple message. “Hide. Something out there is after us.”


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From the Journal of Colm Harper

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From the Journal of Colm Harper

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