The Honolulu Alliance

An alliance made between Colm Harper and Jonathan Raith during the threat from an unknown sorcerer trying to raise Kanaloa.

The text of the alliance was short and to the point:
We, the undersigned, in full recognition of the imminent threat to our collective well being and in complete accordance with the Unseelie Accords agree to an alliance of mutual sharing and assistance in matters pertaining to the threat at hand. We, the undersigned, agree to the following stipulations:

1) For the duration of this alliance, all undersigned parties shall cease any hostilities toward any member of any faction affiliated with the undersigned parties.
2) Any information regarding the threat requested by any of the undersigned from another shall be given.
3) The undersigned agree to the assistance of each other should it be asked for.
4) The alliance shall be valid until the threat has been neutralized.

We agree to everything within our collective abilities to maintain this alliance for the duration.

Colm Harper, Arsa’s Left Claw
Axel Konrad Sanders, Monoc Securities
Henry Cook
Justin Feldman
Jonathan Raith

Of course, the signatures were not necessarily as they appear above.

The Honolulu Alliance

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