2nd Entry

From the Journal of Colm Harper

“I’m a champion of God, I can be a priest if I want!” – Mugen Kairaku

When the paramedics arrived on the mountain to remove Ranger Gord to the care of Mercy, Mugen volunteered to tag along and keep vigil over his sleeping form. Of course the paramedics had a small problem with his attempting to bring the Sword of Faith with him onto the helicopter, but Mugen talked them into it. I remain amazed at his ability to talk people into and out of whatever he seems to need.

It fell to Axel and I to start contacting the various leaders of cells for the tiki-net, while Matt and Justin went back up the mountain to see what they could see.

Axel and I got to the bank without incident and went straight to my office to collect the Tiki-Net Cell List and begin making our calls. We took the list with us to A.L.‘s and enlisted her help in making the calls. After the first half hour or so of not getting in touch with people and leaving messages we decided that Ranger Gord is more valuable to us than we thought. Especially since several of the members of the Net didn’t answer. Thirty of our members are missing, recently; others are already going to ground, and a few filtered into A.L.’s for a full briefing. After all of this ordeal, it has become apparent that we need to find a new setup for contacting people during an emergency, especially if Gord gets taken out.

We regathered near dawn at A.L.’s to share what we could find out and to hear the story of Matt. Apparently he destroyed a dozen or so of the shadow-cat demons and then someone threw a mountain at him. Things are moving quickly; and if the trend continues, my lord will soon come under direct fire. It was time to see Pele, but we would need to take a Way. Wizards can make travel damned uncomfortable.

The Way led us to the realm of the Fire Salamanders in the Nevernever where we met a few less than pleasant denizens that were not at all pleased to see Axel (we brought cold with us into their realm?) or Mugen (“He does not belong here.”). We talked our way past them, and made it to the exit, where we re-entered the mundane world in Volcanoes National Park. We followed Axel to the home of Pele. I wonder when this strange man met the volcano goddess?

Pele, an attractive deity, but not terribly helpful. She was displeased with Axel for having just found out information that she already knew. Apparently he was in Hawaii under her employ, through Monoc Securities. When we finally managed to drag some new information out of her we found out that someone is apparently trying to resurrect her old enemy, Kanaloa. Pele was terse, but gave us an assignment to stop whoever was trying to siphon power from the volcanoes and kill as many of the supernatural talents as they could to resurrect this dead god.

When asked, Pele told Axel that she would attempt to clear the Way for us back to Honolulu. She had apparently requested the Salamanders give us free passage, the agreed to concede to her request. They were not terribly helpful in their methods either. They severed the bridges leading through their territory as we crossed them, as well as those we had no need to cross. When we came to the location of the last bridge we found that they had already removed it. It came down to me to shuttle everyone across to the Way, revealing to all the true nature of my ability. Axel was the last to be ferried, and as he waited was surrounded by the Salamanders. He calmly stood still and did not provoke them further. When I picked him up he pulled a steel blade and waved it at their leader before putting it away. We made it safely home….



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