3rd Entry

Loss of a Comrade

As we left the Way, we decided to check out Rick before continuing on with uncovering the unknown summoner. Mugen was the first to peel away from the group, and was met by a bomb in his car; he managed to get out just in time. Maybe there is something to his “higher power.”

As the wreckage rained down on us, Mugen’s phone rang. It was a text message, but Matt’s presence was making the phone twitch. The message disavowed any connection to the explosion, and implored Mugen call the number back. It wasn’t signed. He called, Jonathan Raith answered. We were summoned by the incubus; he wants something.

We went to the Raith compound, without cleaning soot or debris from ourselves, and were greeted with some suspicion; but we were allowed to pass with our armaments. Matt and Mugen showed due deference, while Axel and I made no apology for our rudeness; but the incubus would not be baited. The Raith was upset about the mass disappearances of people across the islands, it was apparently cutting into his feeding. He gave us a small amount of information regarding the unknown summoner, while pointedly egging on the Warden, and wanted to know what information we had. I refused to give him anything, and adamantly stated that it was none of his concern. I admit it, I have no love for his kind. He wants us to eliminate this unknown Magus, that is clear, but he has something else on his mind as well.

Before going back to the mountain to check out the new leads, we stopped by the hospital to check on Rick. He was awake, but still very unwell. We’re seeing what we can do about getting him a radio or two to play with during his stay. He mentioned that he had figured out how to get the mainland, and mentioned something about the AM channel 1340….

We headed to one of the vents indicated by the incubus as being a possibility for our villain. On reaching the location Matt noticed that there was something big following us in the shadows. We quickly tried to ready ourselves for a fight, and Mugen wandered into the jungle to try to lure the thing out. It was a large shadow demon, and it struck out at Mugen; causing a significant amount of damage.

The battle raged across the mountainside for what seemed like ages. Matt did everything in his power to bring the strength of the Earth to bear against the thing while Axel and I struck it with thunder and lightning. After the first assault the creature seemed to retreat, Matt let us know that it was coming back and called forth a powerful lightning bolt to strike at the demon as Axel ran after it. When Axel arrived at the location of the demon he found that it had become three smaller demons. Axel began an assault against one of them as the other two charged back to the rest of us. Mugen and Matt separated, and I took to the air, and we waited for our foe. One of the new demons charged Matt while the other focused on me. The battle raged, and as we hurt the demons they split into still smaller versions. In the end four of the smallest demons retreated from the battle and Matt collapsed. I quickly flew him to his jeep to try some first aid before rushing him to the hospital.

I arrived at the hospital and quickly got Matt into the doctors’ care. As he was wheeled away into another room my phone rang. It was Axel. He told me simply that Matt was dead. I didn’t question his knowledge, but simply accepted it as the world became a blur. I told him to let Mugen know that we would meet at A.L.’s to remember the fallen warden.

I waited while the doctors did everything they could, knowing that it was over. I left when the doctors gave me the bad news, and gave them my contact information for their records and to pass on to the police. Two people brought into the hospital in as many days, and I’m involved both times. This won’t end well; I may have to pay a bribe or two…. I went to A.L.’s, and we all drank to Matt….



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