4th Entry

From the Journal of Colm Harper

We attended Matt’s funeral only three days after his untimely death. It was pleasant, for a funeral, but tended only by ourselves and the members of the Tiki-Net. The funeral was crashed by a pair of Axel’s friends, a man named Rat and some sort of hulking man-mountain named Henry. They quickly agreed to join us in our attempt to thwart the unknown Magus.

We returned to the first site investigated for the missing persons so that this Rat character might find something that was missed. He was a wizard, apparently, and might catch something that the Raith missed. On our trip up the mountain we listened to Rick’s radio station. He kept rebroadcasting warnings to the Tiki-Net members, and urged them to either hide deep or to get off the islands quickly; citing Matt’s death as good reason to take this threat seriously.

While investigating the cave, Justin found a ginger colored hair just a little way outside the cave. While inside, the altar for the ritual was found as well as some pooled wax on the walls. The place wasn’t spotless, odd….

Rat cast a tracking spell on the hair and bound it to one of the hands on his watch, and another tracking spell on the wax and bound it to the other hand on his watch. We followed him around the mountain to the area around one of the vents that the Raith told us was clear. Using his magic, Rat determined that there was a large chamber about five feet below us, and led us into the vent.

As we entered the vent our senses were almost instantly assailed with the scent of charred flesh, bone, and human waste. No matter where we looked, we couldn’t find any survivors; only piled waste. The chambers were lit with glow sticks, some things were now obvious. The sorcerer had cast a least a portion of his ritual, and the pooled wax was some kind of decoy.

The wolf found some sort of trail and led us out of the vent following it. The trail led to a deserted beach and into the water. Something had left the mountain and gone to sea. But what it could be was beyond us.

Rat summoned an imp in hopes of getting some information. The imp believed that Rat could give it nothing of value, so he enthralled it to get the name of something a little more local to ask for help. After getting a name, Rat sent the demon home and began to prepare for luring one of the merfolk to speak with us. We would need some kind of fresh meat, and we didn’t have much time before dark, so sending the wolf was risky. Henry volunteered a slice of his own flesh to use. Rat sharpened a rock, and slice of a large slab from Henry’s arm, a nasty looking wound that healed almost instantly. I didn’t know exactly what this man-mountain was, but I was glad he was on our side. With the flesh in place, Rat called out to the people of the mer, and one of their warriors came to the call.

After Rat agreed to abide by all the stipulations of the Accords, Rat proceeded with the questioning of the merman. We learned that the fomor had something to do with the sorcerer. We were also informed that the merfolk have seen a vampire, bearing vague the description of one of the members of the White Court, speaking with the fomor. It was time to go see Raith again.

We arrived at the Raith Estate shortly before the nightly party was going to commence. Having not called ahead or been invited, we weren’t on the list. Henry got us past the gate guard and the house guard into the main sitting room. I did not take an at ease approach. We were in the incubus’ lair uninvited, he would not be happy.

Raith stormed in, demanding an explanation for our uninvited presence. I quickly took charge, and proposed a temporary alliance with the vampire for the duration of the investigation into these disappearances. Primarily to share information, but I had a few other purposed in mind. It’s always good to be able to call for backup when we need it. Raith agreed, and listened as we informed him of our new information while trying not to accuse him or any in his house directly. I asked for any information he might have, and that he pass any along should it come to his attention. We left, and went up the beach to see the Dude.

The Dude rambled for a while about odds and ends, most of us really do have a hard time understanding what he’s saying. And, almost predictably, he was shot in the neck immediately after stating that he was untouchable. A fomor dart. I raced to the beach with Axel and Henry in tow, trying to stop the beast from getting to the Dude, but the beach was dark and the assailant was nowhere to be seen. When a dart pierced my neck, I called out for help and Rat lit the place up nearly as bright as day. We fought the beast, and drove it back to the seas. Then I lost consciousness.

When I came to I reeked of phosphorus. Apparently urine was the ideal counter agent to the poison that the fomor used. And it came to me, in his ramblings the Dude mentioned something about the Mob. Maybe we had talked to the wrong power agent on the island….



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