5th Entry

From the Journal of Colm Harper

Morning arrived, and I received a call from a terrified bank clerk; it seems that the reputation of my temper has become a thing of legend. A package had apparently been left for me at on of the Orpeist’s branch offices. We went on over, and picked up the package, a manilla envelope containing pictures of the “vampire” meeting with the fomor, and a pair of pictures of me in and out of dragon form.

I requisitioned the security footage from the branch office and retired to my office downtown. I received the footage and began reviewing it in hopes of finding the person that dropped off the photos. A gorgeous woman simply whispered something to the clerk and touched him before leaving the package, it looked like a White Court succubus. I requisitioned the bank clerk, Harold, in hopes of getting some more answers, and sent the pictures of the unknown “vampire” with Justin to take to Mugen. Apparently, the vampire was Mugen’s father.

When Harold finally arrived, I informed him of his promotion to office assistant, gave him a drink, and began to question him about the messenger. He told us her name was Angel, and that he had met her at a party at the Raith Estate. This confirmed my suspicions about her. Now we had a few other loose ends to tie up before tracking down Mugen’s father.

Henry went to check on Rat, and give him the information we had acquired, but Rat had been taken. Henry called me to let me know what was going on, and I told him to get in touch with the others and get back to my office as soon as possible, I was still going to investigate the symbol on the face of our vampire. It was time to see my master.

After activating the circle in the floor of my office, Arsa ported me to his location, a cave this time. When I asked for information he gave it willingly. The symbol on Mugen’s father’s face was an indicator of his membership in the mysterious Jade Court. Apparently they draw their power from magic, and it is pulled into their bodies through a jade pendant around their necks. Remove the pendant, and they no longer have access to their vampiric abilities. Or, we could try to get our hands on some Mordite really quick and use that against him. My last question was about Axel. What kind of creature would work for Modoc an have the deathsight ability? Either a Valkyrie or a Valkyrie’s kin. This might be useful information. I thanked my master and offered him a bottle of Dragon’s Blood liquor as payment, he returned me to my office.

When the others arrived at my office we exchanged what information we had, while Axel worked a tracking spell on one of Rat’s hairs. I gave my assistants instructions and we went on our way back to the mountain.

We found rat in a magic made cave in the mountain side, chained and in a cage under running water. The sorcerer was still there and tried to put up a fight. Henry quickly pinned him and held him under water while we pumped him for information. First we learned the identity of the sorcerer, Rat’s father; then we learned when and where the meetings with the fomor were taking place. Tomorrow night, on a relatively isolated beach. It was time for the final showdown….



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