5th Entry
From the Journal of Colm Harper

Morning arrived, and I received a call from a terrified bank clerk; it seems that the reputation of my temper has become a thing of legend. A package had apparently been left for me at on of the Orpeist’s branch offices. We went on over, and picked up the package, a manilla envelope containing pictures of the “vampire” meeting with the fomor, and a pair of pictures of me in and out of dragon form.

I requisitioned the security footage from the branch office and retired to my office downtown. I received the footage and began reviewing it in hopes of finding the person that dropped off the photos. A gorgeous woman simply whispered something to the clerk and touched him before leaving the package, it looked like a White Court succubus. I requisitioned the bank clerk, Harold, in hopes of getting some more answers, and sent the pictures of the unknown “vampire” with Justin to take to Mugen. Apparently, the vampire was Mugen’s father.

When Harold finally arrived, I informed him of his promotion to office assistant, gave him a drink, and began to question him about the messenger. He told us her name was Angel, and that he had met her at a party at the Raith Estate. This confirmed my suspicions about her. Now we had a few other loose ends to tie up before tracking down Mugen’s father.

Henry went to check on Rat, and give him the information we had acquired, but Rat had been taken. Henry called me to let me know what was going on, and I told him to get in touch with the others and get back to my office as soon as possible, I was still going to investigate the symbol on the face of our vampire. It was time to see my master.

After activating the circle in the floor of my office, Arsa ported me to his location, a cave this time. When I asked for information he gave it willingly. The symbol on Mugen’s father’s face was an indicator of his membership in the mysterious Jade Court. Apparently they draw their power from magic, and it is pulled into their bodies through a jade pendant around their necks. Remove the pendant, and they no longer have access to their vampiric abilities. Or, we could try to get our hands on some Mordite really quick and use that against him. My last question was about Axel. What kind of creature would work for Modoc an have the deathsight ability? Either a Valkyrie or a Valkyrie’s kin. This might be useful information. I thanked my master and offered him a bottle of Dragon’s Blood liquor as payment, he returned me to my office.

When the others arrived at my office we exchanged what information we had, while Axel worked a tracking spell on one of Rat’s hairs. I gave my assistants instructions and we went on our way back to the mountain.

We found rat in a magic made cave in the mountain side, chained and in a cage under running water. The sorcerer was still there and tried to put up a fight. Henry quickly pinned him and held him under water while we pumped him for information. First we learned the identity of the sorcerer, Rat’s father; then we learned when and where the meetings with the fomor were taking place. Tomorrow night, on a relatively isolated beach. It was time for the final showdown….

4th Entry
From the Journal of Colm Harper

We attended Matt’s funeral only three days after his untimely death. It was pleasant, for a funeral, but tended only by ourselves and the members of the Tiki-Net. The funeral was crashed by a pair of Axel’s friends, a man named Rat and some sort of hulking man-mountain named Henry. They quickly agreed to join us in our attempt to thwart the unknown Magus.

We returned to the first site investigated for the missing persons so that this Rat character might find something that was missed. He was a wizard, apparently, and might catch something that the Raith missed. On our trip up the mountain we listened to Rick’s radio station. He kept rebroadcasting warnings to the Tiki-Net members, and urged them to either hide deep or to get off the islands quickly; citing Matt’s death as good reason to take this threat seriously.

While investigating the cave, Justin found a ginger colored hair just a little way outside the cave. While inside, the altar for the ritual was found as well as some pooled wax on the walls. The place wasn’t spotless, odd….

Rat cast a tracking spell on the hair and bound it to one of the hands on his watch, and another tracking spell on the wax and bound it to the other hand on his watch. We followed him around the mountain to the area around one of the vents that the Raith told us was clear. Using his magic, Rat determined that there was a large chamber about five feet below us, and led us into the vent.

As we entered the vent our senses were almost instantly assailed with the scent of charred flesh, bone, and human waste. No matter where we looked, we couldn’t find any survivors; only piled waste. The chambers were lit with glow sticks, some things were now obvious. The sorcerer had cast a least a portion of his ritual, and the pooled wax was some kind of decoy.

The wolf found some sort of trail and led us out of the vent following it. The trail led to a deserted beach and into the water. Something had left the mountain and gone to sea. But what it could be was beyond us.

Rat summoned an imp in hopes of getting some information. The imp believed that Rat could give it nothing of value, so he enthralled it to get the name of something a little more local to ask for help. After getting a name, Rat sent the demon home and began to prepare for luring one of the merfolk to speak with us. We would need some kind of fresh meat, and we didn’t have much time before dark, so sending the wolf was risky. Henry volunteered a slice of his own flesh to use. Rat sharpened a rock, and slice of a large slab from Henry’s arm, a nasty looking wound that healed almost instantly. I didn’t know exactly what this man-mountain was, but I was glad he was on our side. With the flesh in place, Rat called out to the people of the mer, and one of their warriors came to the call.

After Rat agreed to abide by all the stipulations of the Accords, Rat proceeded with the questioning of the merman. We learned that the fomor had something to do with the sorcerer. We were also informed that the merfolk have seen a vampire, bearing vague the description of one of the members of the White Court, speaking with the fomor. It was time to go see Raith again.

We arrived at the Raith Estate shortly before the nightly party was going to commence. Having not called ahead or been invited, we weren’t on the list. Henry got us past the gate guard and the house guard into the main sitting room. I did not take an at ease approach. We were in the incubus’ lair uninvited, he would not be happy.

Raith stormed in, demanding an explanation for our uninvited presence. I quickly took charge, and proposed a temporary alliance with the vampire for the duration of the investigation into these disappearances. Primarily to share information, but I had a few other purposed in mind. It’s always good to be able to call for backup when we need it. Raith agreed, and listened as we informed him of our new information while trying not to accuse him or any in his house directly. I asked for any information he might have, and that he pass any along should it come to his attention. We left, and went up the beach to see the Dude.

The Dude rambled for a while about odds and ends, most of us really do have a hard time understanding what he’s saying. And, almost predictably, he was shot in the neck immediately after stating that he was untouchable. A fomor dart. I raced to the beach with Axel and Henry in tow, trying to stop the beast from getting to the Dude, but the beach was dark and the assailant was nowhere to be seen. When a dart pierced my neck, I called out for help and Rat lit the place up nearly as bright as day. We fought the beast, and drove it back to the seas. Then I lost consciousness.

When I came to I reeked of phosphorus. Apparently urine was the ideal counter agent to the poison that the fomor used. And it came to me, in his ramblings the Dude mentioned something about the Mob. Maybe we had talked to the wrong power agent on the island….

3rd Entry
Loss of a Comrade

As we left the Way, we decided to check out Rick before continuing on with uncovering the unknown summoner. Mugen was the first to peel away from the group, and was met by a bomb in his car; he managed to get out just in time. Maybe there is something to his “higher power.”

As the wreckage rained down on us, Mugen’s phone rang. It was a text message, but Matt’s presence was making the phone twitch. The message disavowed any connection to the explosion, and implored Mugen call the number back. It wasn’t signed. He called, Jonathan Raith answered. We were summoned by the incubus; he wants something.

We went to the Raith compound, without cleaning soot or debris from ourselves, and were greeted with some suspicion; but we were allowed to pass with our armaments. Matt and Mugen showed due deference, while Axel and I made no apology for our rudeness; but the incubus would not be baited. The Raith was upset about the mass disappearances of people across the islands, it was apparently cutting into his feeding. He gave us a small amount of information regarding the unknown summoner, while pointedly egging on the Warden, and wanted to know what information we had. I refused to give him anything, and adamantly stated that it was none of his concern. I admit it, I have no love for his kind. He wants us to eliminate this unknown Magus, that is clear, but he has something else on his mind as well.

Before going back to the mountain to check out the new leads, we stopped by the hospital to check on Rick. He was awake, but still very unwell. We’re seeing what we can do about getting him a radio or two to play with during his stay. He mentioned that he had figured out how to get the mainland, and mentioned something about the AM channel 1340….

We headed to one of the vents indicated by the incubus as being a possibility for our villain. On reaching the location Matt noticed that there was something big following us in the shadows. We quickly tried to ready ourselves for a fight, and Mugen wandered into the jungle to try to lure the thing out. It was a large shadow demon, and it struck out at Mugen; causing a significant amount of damage.

The battle raged across the mountainside for what seemed like ages. Matt did everything in his power to bring the strength of the Earth to bear against the thing while Axel and I struck it with thunder and lightning. After the first assault the creature seemed to retreat, Matt let us know that it was coming back and called forth a powerful lightning bolt to strike at the demon as Axel ran after it. When Axel arrived at the location of the demon he found that it had become three smaller demons. Axel began an assault against one of them as the other two charged back to the rest of us. Mugen and Matt separated, and I took to the air, and we waited for our foe. One of the new demons charged Matt while the other focused on me. The battle raged, and as we hurt the demons they split into still smaller versions. In the end four of the smallest demons retreated from the battle and Matt collapsed. I quickly flew him to his jeep to try some first aid before rushing him to the hospital.

I arrived at the hospital and quickly got Matt into the doctors’ care. As he was wheeled away into another room my phone rang. It was Axel. He told me simply that Matt was dead. I didn’t question his knowledge, but simply accepted it as the world became a blur. I told him to let Mugen know that we would meet at A.L.’s to remember the fallen warden.

I waited while the doctors did everything they could, knowing that it was over. I left when the doctors gave me the bad news, and gave them my contact information for their records and to pass on to the police. Two people brought into the hospital in as many days, and I’m involved both times. This won’t end well; I may have to pay a bribe or two…. I went to A.L.’s, and we all drank to Matt….

2nd Entry
From the Journal of Colm Harper

“I’m a champion of God, I can be a priest if I want!” – Mugen Kairaku

When the paramedics arrived on the mountain to remove Ranger Gord to the care of Mercy, Mugen volunteered to tag along and keep vigil over his sleeping form. Of course the paramedics had a small problem with his attempting to bring the Sword of Faith with him onto the helicopter, but Mugen talked them into it. I remain amazed at his ability to talk people into and out of whatever he seems to need.

It fell to Axel and I to start contacting the various leaders of cells for the tiki-net, while Matt and Justin went back up the mountain to see what they could see.

Axel and I got to the bank without incident and went straight to my office to collect the Tiki-Net Cell List and begin making our calls. We took the list with us to A.L.‘s and enlisted her help in making the calls. After the first half hour or so of not getting in touch with people and leaving messages we decided that Ranger Gord is more valuable to us than we thought. Especially since several of the members of the Net didn’t answer. Thirty of our members are missing, recently; others are already going to ground, and a few filtered into A.L.’s for a full briefing. After all of this ordeal, it has become apparent that we need to find a new setup for contacting people during an emergency, especially if Gord gets taken out.

We regathered near dawn at A.L.’s to share what we could find out and to hear the story of Matt. Apparently he destroyed a dozen or so of the shadow-cat demons and then someone threw a mountain at him. Things are moving quickly; and if the trend continues, my lord will soon come under direct fire. It was time to see Pele, but we would need to take a Way. Wizards can make travel damned uncomfortable.

The Way led us to the realm of the Fire Salamanders in the Nevernever where we met a few less than pleasant denizens that were not at all pleased to see Axel (we brought cold with us into their realm?) or Mugen (“He does not belong here.”). We talked our way past them, and made it to the exit, where we re-entered the mundane world in Volcanoes National Park. We followed Axel to the home of Pele. I wonder when this strange man met the volcano goddess?

Pele, an attractive deity, but not terribly helpful. She was displeased with Axel for having just found out information that she already knew. Apparently he was in Hawaii under her employ, through Monoc Securities. When we finally managed to drag some new information out of her we found out that someone is apparently trying to resurrect her old enemy, Kanaloa. Pele was terse, but gave us an assignment to stop whoever was trying to siphon power from the volcanoes and kill as many of the supernatural talents as they could to resurrect this dead god.

When asked, Pele told Axel that she would attempt to clear the Way for us back to Honolulu. She had apparently requested the Salamanders give us free passage, the agreed to concede to her request. They were not terribly helpful in their methods either. They severed the bridges leading through their territory as we crossed them, as well as those we had no need to cross. When we came to the location of the last bridge we found that they had already removed it. It came down to me to shuttle everyone across to the Way, revealing to all the true nature of my ability. Axel was the last to be ferried, and as he waited was surrounded by the Salamanders. He calmly stood still and did not provoke them further. When I picked him up he pulled a steel blade and waved it at their leader before putting it away. We made it safely home….

From the Journal of Colm Harper
1st Entry

The Dude sent us a text to visit him at his shop; it happened before one o’clock, so we assumed it would be important. The Dude wanted us to look into the disappearance of Ashlynn, a minor talent that enjoys surfing and can “read the waves”; an em-path by any other name. She usually would stop by The Dude’s Surf Shop daily, and he hadn’t seen her for a number of days (The Dude was… hazy on the amount of time that had passed since he had seen her.)

We stopped by her apartment (423) to start our search, and found the place spotless. I’ve heard of houses cleaned by faeries, but this went beyond that. Matt opened his Sight and took a closer look around. The apartment was made filthy by he use of drugs and whoring herself out for material gain. In the physical world it appeared that someone had vacuumed from the door out through the main room in an attempt to remove evidence, and had scarpered with everything that was potentially pocket-able. Matt, through his sight, noticed that there was a supernaturally clean spot on the balcony. Possibly where the kidnapper (we had by this point pretty much ruled out all other possibilities) had entered the premises. Axel cleaned up after us as we left; rune magic is powerful, but not quite my cuppa.

From the apartment we decided to try to find Ashlynn’s latest beau, Bobby. Through A.L.‘s auspices, we discovered that Bobby’s real name was George Wrathburn; CFO of the Bank of Honolulu, Mugen’s dad’s bank. We decided that, rather than try to get into his office at the bank, that we’d bay Georgie Boy a visit at home. I’d like to say that it was an easy social call, but George’s wife was unwilling to let me speak with him. I leaned on her, only a little, to get her to send him out. He was less than forthcoming with information, so I asked Mugen to speak with him. Perhaps an old, DEAD friend would loosen his lips. Mugen got some information from him, apparently she was going to go up the volcano with a Johnny (Raith?).

It was time to pay a visit to Rick. When we got to the ranger station there was no power anywhere on the plateau. We easily busted into Rick’s cabin and found another location made clean by means outside the norm, and again there was nothing left on the shelves. We sent Justin ahead to scout the dark for us; there were no threats in the vicinity, but there was another supernaturally clean path leading away from the ranger station. It looked as though any supernatural talent, major or otherwise, was being targeted. My suspicions still lie in the Raith camp, but I haven’t said anything of it to my comrades yet. We continued to search Rick’s cabin, hoping to find information when Justin(playing the good pup again) directed us to the bathroom. There we found Rick, bound hand and foot, sitting in his bathtub covered in his own filth. He had been there long enough to dehydrate and to cause physical damage to himself trying to escape his bonds.

Mugen had just begun severing Rick’s bonds when we hear a thud of something hitting metal from outside. Axel stayed with Rick as the rest of us moved outdoors to try to deal with anything that might be amiss. We were just in time to glimpse a black demon crawl through the driver side window of Mugen’s truck and pop the hood. The demon crawled under the hood, and Mugen impaled his radiator with the Sword of Faith to possibly stop the demon from possessing the truck. It worked, and between Justin and Matt the demon was easily destroyed. We contacted help for Rick, and got him transported to a hospital. From there Mugen and I stopped by my office and contacted the members of the Tiki-Net. We gave them a very simple message. “Hide. Something out there is after us.”

A Text From The Dude
From Axel's Log

It was early for The Dude, before noon early. But we all got the text, well except theWarden of course but he was there anyways. We all arrived and The Dude laid it out for us. Something was wrong with “the waves.” Thankfully we had a translator. Justin was able to get a better understanding of what was going on, but I’m still not clear on it. What it comes down to is that the somethings wrong in the water and Ashlan is missing.

We head over to her place to take a look and it’s not good. After Mugen picks her lock we find the deadbolt not set and the burglar chain is snapped. All personal effects have been removed and the place is spotless. Even the carpet was vacuumed in a way to remove foot prints.

Warden Carter took a look at the place with his Sight and found the same. The whole place was tainted with a life of drugs and casual sex, except for one spot. The balcony was supernaturally scoured clean. Before we left we made sure to remove any prints we left and I erased our foot prints on the carpet with a spell tile.

We next visited A.L. She was motherly as usual, and was shocked to find out that Ashlan was missing. She pointed us to her current boy toy Bobby, otherwise known as George Rathburn. George is the CFO of Honolulu National Bank, the bank that Mugen’s father owns in all the ways that really matter. It’s decided that we’ll pay him a visit.

Justin and I rode in with Colm, as he was the only one with a car that could actually get into the gated community, while Mugen rode out with Warden Carter. Those of us in Colm’s town car waited outside George’s house while Carter and Mugen found a way in. After George pulled into the garage his opener threw sparks letting us know that the Warden and the Knight were there.

Colm made his way to the house and knocked at the door, getting a Mrs. Rathburn. After a short discussion she went back inside and George came out. Colm got no where fast with George so he decided to let Mugen give it a shot. In the end we got little more than “The bitch took my money then disappeared.” The little more being a first name, Johny.

Time to go see Ranger Gord, sorry I can’t say that with a straight face and these people don’t even have a clue why. The visit wasn’t anywhere close to being funny though. Justin had taken on his wolf from and ran ahead. The chemical smell of clean mixed with shit is what welcomed him at the powerless ranger station. When the rest of us arrived we found the door locked, I kicked it in and we proceeded. The ranger station had received the same treatment as Ashlan’s place, spotless and all personal effects were removed. While most of us were making a quick search for the Tiki Net contact list that Gord kept Justin was relentlessly pawing at the bathroom door. After the obvious Lassie joke went in and found Gord in his bathtub. His wrists and ankles were bound together and he was severally dehydrated. It was at this point that a THUD came from the vehicles outside.

While others rushed out to see what was happening outside I stayed with Gord to remove his binding and stand guard. From the little bit of the battle that I saw they were battling some kind of demon. After it was dealt with an attempt was made to contact emergency services for Gord. Justin had to head 6 miles down the mountain before he could get a cell signal, and even then all they would sent was a patrol car.

We met them half way. The patrolmen called in life flight and we met the helicopter down the road at a clearing, Mugen did a quick trick with some water and managed to stabilize Gord before the helicopter got there. After Gord was off it was a race to contact the members of the Tiki Net, something was after them…


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